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8 Places to Experience La Jolla’s Vibrant Art & Culture

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Your stay at Orli doesn’t just encompass the gorgeous beaches of San Diego. Good news for purveyors of art and culture: La Jolla offers a rich array of artistic and engaging offerings, boasting renowned museums, galleries, and more. Here are the top seven places to get your culture fix — and they’re all just moments away from Orli. 


1. Museum of Contemporary Art

2-minute walk from Orli

A premier destination for art enthusiasts from around the world located in the heart of La Jolla’s bustling arts district — and just across the street from Orli, just two minutes away — this museum showcases a diverse collection of contemporary art from both established and emerging artists. Whether you are a seasoned art collector or simply appreciate the beauty and power of contemporary art, the Museum of Contemporary Art offers a unique and inspiring experience amidst a stunning oceanfront location.


2. The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center

5-minute walk from Orli



This state-of-the-art performing arts venue offers a world-class experience featuring cutting-edge acoustics and sleek modern design. This center is home to a diverse array of performances, from classical music concerts to avant-garde theater productions. Enjoy an afternoon taking in the work of talented and visionary artists from around the world.


3. Quint Gallery

6-minute walk from Orli


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Jaunt over to a premier contemporary art gallery and enjoy a diverse array of works from both established and emerging artists. Expect to be immersed in a world of innovative and thought-provoking art, from vibrant abstract paintings to sculptural installations that challenge our perceptions of space and form.


4. The Map & Atlas Museum

5-minute walk from Orli

The Map & Atlas Museum is a haven for history and cartography enthusiasts, housing an impressive collection of rare and antique maps, atlases, globes, and other related artifacts from around the world. Explore the evolution of cartography over time, from early hand-drawn maps to the latest digital technologies used in modern mapping. The museum also features exhibits on the history of exploration and discovery, showcasing the maps and instruments used by famous explorers throughout time. 


5. La Jolla Music Society

6-minute walk from Orli

If you love live music, this is a must-visit destination. The La Jolla Music Society is a world-renowned organization dedicated to promoting and presenting the finest in classical music and jazz. Explore a diverse array of programs and events, from intimate chamber concerts to full-scale symphony performances. 


6. R.B. Stevenson Gallery

6-minute walk from Orli

A contemporary hub that has showcased the works of emerging and established artists since 1980, the R.B. Stevenson Gallery gallery features a diverse collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mixed-media installations that explore a wide range of themes and techniques. Support artists who challenge conventions and push the boundaries of their medium and wander through thought-provoking and visually stunning works on display.


7. Salk Institute for Biological Studies

11-minute drive from Orli

Here, stunning architecture designed by renowned architect Louis Kahn provides a unique and inspiring setting for cutting-edge research. Book a docent-led tour of this world-renowned research center or pre-register for a self-guided tour. Plus, next to the beautiful grounds, find a hang-gliding site — the perfect place to enjoy a picnic lunch after your tour with views of all the action.


8. Orli La Jolla

If you’re an Orli guest, you don’t have to go anywhere to experience La Jolla’s distinct culture. The hotel is an attraction in itself, offering a variety of courtyard events right at your doorstep. From concerts and slam poetry performances to yoga classes and mini-markets with boutique vendors, you’ll have the opportunity to embrace La Jolla in the iconic Orli fashion — an experience sure to make you feel like a local yourself.

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