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A Natural Romance: Bridgette Barker Curates a Unique Floral Experience at Orli


“Everyone deserves to feel like they are the single greatest thing walking the Earth.”

Miami native Bridgette Barker has a strong thirst for the coastal sun, a natural green thumb, and a love for thrift. Her floral company Queen of Vase is on a mission to spark a lustful romance between the forgotten vase and its long-lost lover: the flower. Inspired by a quiet fascination with nature’s art and a passion for collecting life’s tangible treasures, Queen of Vase has developed into an obsession with pairing flawless florals with the uniqueness of strange vases. You can find her beautiful creations perfectly placed throughout Orli’s amenity spaces and in-room upon request.

How did your love of florals come into bloom? 

My love for florals has been sprouting since I can remember. However, it didn’t come into “bloom” until shortly after my fast obsession with collecting vases a few years ago. I started learning about the diversity of the flower species and how certain florals pop with certain vases, and vice-versa. I couldn’t get enough of the endless combinations and creativity it was bringing into my life.


Where do you find inspiration? 

I find inspiration in the power an arrangement can have to change a look, a feel, and more importantly, a mood. Not only can it bring a tangible change to the vibe of a room, with its scents and colors, but it can also swing your emotions.  



What are your current aesthetic obsessions? 

I am currently obsessed with the technique of glass-blowing. The aesthetic that an artist can mold by bending glass at certain temperatures, then harden at others to create a vessel for flowers is completely fascinating. 


You’re clearly an artist! What other art forms do you enjoy? 

Thank you very much! As long as one feels free to be themselves and express themselves, the art follows. If you think of art in that way, I really enjoy fashion. Discovering new threads to style outfits, mixing and matching pieces that fit my personality, where it may be considered “clashy” or “too much” for others, that’s where I find freedom to express myself.  



It seems like you also have a playful sense of humor. Can you tell us about the story behind your hearse?

The hearse idea, originally thrown around by my dad, began more as a joke than an actual business idea. We were looking for a vehicle with enough space to transport all the vases while having enough cooling and light for flowers, and we started researching hearses which became a must-have. There was something so intriguing about the contrast between something so morbid and something so bright and lively. Then the fun part began. We wrapped it in mint green and coined the phrase “Florals & Vases to Die For.” It just had to be something fun, different and a little out there—basically a representation of myself and my brand.


How does Orli’s style mix with your own? 

Conceptual uniqueness. Being different from the rest. No one room is the same as the other. You walk from room to room and your experience completely transforms. I think the same can be said about my arrangements. I strive to give every arrangement a different vibe, no matter the occasion.    



What are your favorite aspects of this unique hospitality experience? 

I love the care the staff have for their guests. I am on-site on a weekly basis and you can clearly tell they go above and beyond to ensure the guests have a stay they can remember forever. Whether it’s the local recommendations, the cool events they host, or, of course, the option to include a QOV floral arrangement, the guests will always have special treatment. And that goes a long way.


What do you want guests to feel when they see your arrangements? What mood are you aiming to curate? 

I want them to feel like royalty. The flowers were curated intimately for them to enjoy, and that is such an amazing feeling.



How can guests go about adding on a special arrangement to their stay? 

You can request fresh flowers pre-arrival via Orli’s mobile web app. As soon as you book your stay, you’ll gain access to this portal which gives you the ability to book upgrades in just a few clicks. When it comes to arrangements, you can choose sizes from Lush, Showstopper or Over the Top, as well as themes such as Bright, Dark & Moody, Soft & Neutral, or Seasonal. The best part about ordering flowers from QOV at Orli, is that you’ll have the option to either keep your unique vase or return it upon checkout.


Learn more about Queen of Vase at Queenofvase.com or on Instagram @Queen_of_Vase and don’t forget to request a personal in-room bouquet and vase when you book your next stay.

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