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Meet the Women Owned Businesses Bringing the Community Together

March 1, 2024

In the vibrant communities of San Diego and La Jolla, a remarkable movement is underway, led by women entrepreneurs who are not just running businesses but are creating spaces for connection, growth, and inspiration.

These women-owned enterprises embody the spirit of community and empowerment, offering more than just products or services—they’re building networks of support, learning, and shared experiences. Let’s dive into three standout businesses that exemplify the power of female entrepreneurship and community engagement.

The Well founder, Phoebe

The Well: A Sanctuary of Holistic Beauty

The Well is not your ordinary spa. It's a holistic facial spa founded on the belief that beauty and wellness are inextricably linked. The founder, Phoebe, is a holistic esthetician who takes a comprehensive approach to skin health and takes pride in sharing her knowledge with every one of her clients. At The Well, you're truly embarking on a personalized journey to rejuvenate your skin and spirit. With a focus on organic, natural, and cruelty-free skincare products, Phoebe ensures that every treatment is tailored to meet the unique needs of her clients.

The Mudd House: Crafting Community Through Clay

The Mudd House Ceramics Studio is a creative oasis for artists and enthusiasts alike. This studio goes beyond being a simple workspace; it's a community hub where creativity, art, and friendships flourish. As a women-owned and operated studio, The Mudd House exemplifies the power of passion and community. Here, everyone from beginners to seasoned artists can find a safe space to express themselves through the timeless art of pottery.

The Mudd House Ceramics Studio

Edge Cycle La Jolla: Revolutionizing Indoor Cycling

Edge Cycle La Jolla, founded by Leida Ebrahimi, offers a dynamic and invigorating approach to fitness. This indoor cycling studio is known for its 45-minute full-body workouts, which are designed around the rhythm of music. The studio boasts a team of talented female instructors who bring their unique energy and inspiration to every class. 

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Women’s History Month in San Diego offers a chance to support and celebrate the women helping to build our community. Whether it's by rejuvenating your skin, embracing the art of pottery, or pushing your fitness limits, you're participating in a larger movement that celebrates and uplifts women's achievements and contributions to our community.

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