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The Ideal La Jolla Coffee Shop for Your Zodiac Sign

June 15, 2022

For a small town, La Jolla has its fair share of celebrated coffee shops. To help you narrow down which ones to visit, we’ve created the below zodiac-inspired list. Enjoy!


Cafe Vahik

You’re on the go and you need a strong, yet delicious cup of coffee as you make your way down to the beach. Try one of Cafe Vahik’s many mochas, either iced or blended our faves are the white chocolate mocha or the Mexican mocha. Bold, confident flavors, just like you!  


Brick & Bell 

You want something tried and true, but also, a little luxurious. Brick and Bell is such a La Jolla staple that you’re sure to see it packed with locals at nearly any time of day. It gives off the quaint feel of a European cafe, especially with the smell of pastries being baked fresh every morning. We recommend pairing a spiced chai latte with oat milk and a fresh-baked maple scone. 


The Living Room 

Much like its name, this is the kind of cozy spot where you feel right at home. Great for people watching, striking up convos with other patrons, or hanging with friends. And if you’re really feeling lively, head upstairs for a more boisterous environment. Try an iced americano with baklava or choose from their extensive tea list. 


Harry’s Coffee Shop 

There are few places more rooted in La Jolla history than Harry’s Coffee Shop. It’s a homey, retro diner that’s been owned by the same family for 60 years. If you’re in the mood for something heart-warming and down to earth, grab a classic hot cup of joe. Or if you’re feeling a little more imaginative, then the Horchata cold brew is the perfect choice! 


Better Buzz

You have a flair for the dramatic, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a dash of drama in their morning routine? Every corner of this coffee shop is Instagram-ready, and their coffee does not disappoint. The blended best drink ever (BDE) is truly a fan favorite, or try their iced latte with freshly muddled mint. 



You strive for perfection in your life, so why shouldn’t your coffee spot do the same? Parakeet has options for everyone, from the most health conscious superfoods to the most decadent desserts. And, talk about attention to detail! Everything is picture perfect! If you’re looking for something over the top, try the blue magic latte, but if your to-do list is a mile long and you just need the biggest caffeine fix, opt for their nitro cold brew that is sure to put a pep in your step.  


Sugar and Scribe

What is not to love about Sugar and Scribe? It’s sweet, charming, and popular, just like you! While it may be more famous for its brunch and bakery, the coffee is not to be missed. Try their delicious hazlewhite breve or a creamy matcha latte and don’t forget about the incredible bakery that’s sure to satisfy any sweet tooth (order the elderberry mini cake and thank us later)! For more recommendations on this spot see our brunch spotlight. 



Those that get it, get it. Wayfarer is a chic Birdrock spot that’s fiercely beloved by locals. We’d go traditional on the coffee with a classic latte or drip coffee paired with a fresh baked croissant. If you have a big pastry order (especially on the weekend) we recommend ordering ahead to ensure you get the flavors you want. 


The Flower Pot Cafe & Bakery

You’re always striving for adventure and this slightly off the beaten path coffee is right up your alley. Enjoy micro-roasted coffee, a cozy fireplace, giant chess, and an incredibly eclectic local bookstore right next door. Try out one of their many microbrews or the Mexican mocha with ibarra cocoa, and don’t forget to add a giant muffin. 


Bird Rock Coffee Roasters 

Any La Jolla coffee list would be remiss without BRCR, the true farm to cup connoisseur. They work directly with farmers to bring you the best coffee possible, while ensuring ethical sourcing and fair wages, a business model we know Capricorns can surely resonate with.  And while they may have grown to multiple locations, La Jolla is the OG. We recommend their daily pour over menu. If you are feeling more adventurous try their dark chocolate mocha (using their in-house dark chocolate) or the left coast latte with oat milk. And don’t forget to grab a bag of freshly ground beans you can narrow down your selection by flavor profile. 



Aquarians are independent and constantly on the hunt for something unique. And this under-the-radar coffee shop is just the place for them. Coffee, crepes, and gelato say no more. If you’re looking to take a classic to the next radar, order the cappuccino with almond mik it’s one of the few places that manages to actually get almond milk frothy. Plus, you can never go wrong with a little nutella crepe. 


Pinpoint Cafe

The Ivanhoe location might be more central, but the Scripps Pier location is too perfect for Pisces to pass up. Created by two visionary sisters who dreamed of opening a coffee shop, they are effortlessly serving coffee everyday with a smile. We recommend an iced vanilla latte, or go bold with a wake me up smoothie, that blends cold brew and banana in one delicious caffeinated drink.

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