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What Guests Are Saying About La Jolla’s New Boutique Hotel

After two years of loving restoration and meticulous selection of every detail of our guest experience, there is nothing more exciting and heartwarming than hearing positive feedback from Orli guests. Here’s a roundup of what guests had to say about Orli La Jolla in 2022.

  1. This place will change your perspective on what a hotel should feel like. – Alex R.
  2. Extremely impressed by this new boutique hotel! Contactless check in/out was very easy. Staff was extremely receptive with everything I needed. The location is perfectly set in the heart of La Jolla. The highlight of my experience was the property itself. Every space and room is thoughtfully designed with incredible taste. – afontein.
  3. Most importantly, to me, was the quality of sleep, which is hard to find at most hotels. The bed, sheets, and pillows were perfect and I did not have a single complaint. – Daniella D.

  1. The hotel is truly a home away from home. The rooms are so beautiful designed and the different room layouts and options to choose from make it even more special and exciting— an option for every person you are traveling with. – Sarah P.
  2. I was especially impressed by the lounge, its library, and the courtyard, which added to the overall atmosphere of relaxation and luxury. – Scott K.
  1. The TVs are amazing — you can order housekeeping items without having to call anyone and you can log into your streaming applications directly, which is such a nice convenience (you’re automatically logged out after you check-out). It was easy to check-in and check-out using my personal key code (super turnkey, no pun intended!). – RJ
  2. The location is so convenient. Walking distance to restaurants and the beach made it easy to fully enjoy the area without having to drive around looking for parking.Getting away from the ordinary and being spoiled by the extraordinary is what recharging your batteries is all about. Love, love, love!!! – Carrie T.


  1. There were fresh pastries put out each day, a coffee bar with selections to choose from, games to play, beach bikes to use…the fun never stopped! Plus, this place was in the heart of it all but yet the property itself was quiet and totally relaxing. – Karen H.
  2. It was a beautiful balance between a timeless historic building and a new and (extremely) aesthetically pleasing boutique hotel. – Jillian W.


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