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Design Tips: Make Home Feel Like Your Favorite Hotel

As the seasons begin to change, and we naturally spend more time indoors, the design world looks to reimagine spaces that exude warmth, elegance, and indulgence. Taking influence from our Orli designers and the intricate elements that make Orli a timeless masterpiece of design, we have built the blueprint to make your home feel like your very own getaway.



Embracing the Historical with the Modern

Alana Barber and Josh Kordasiewicz of Axon Architecture have masterfully bridged the divide between Orli’s historic foundation and the demands of the new-age traveler. Echoing their design philosophy, this fall, let the age-old features of your space shine. Uphold the integrity of original architectural elements and juxtapose them with modern accents for a riveting visual narrative.



A Parisian Touch

Orli’s undeniable Parisian charm has been a showstopper for guests, making each room look effortlessly chic, yet nostalgic. Bring that ‘joie de vivre’ to your home by adding unique decor elements like plush cushions, ornate mirrors, or sophisticated color palettes. And while you’re at it, why not incorporate playful, historical gadgets? Think record players, typewriters, and Polaroid cameras that transport you to a timeless era.



Florals as Design Pillars

“Not only can it [flowers] bring a tangible change to the vibe of a room, with its scents and colors, but it can also swing your emotions,” Bridgette Barker of Queen of Vase once noted in a Q&A with Orli. This season, let florals be the design cornerstone of your space. Inspired by Bridgette’s incredible work throughout Orli, consider pairing unique vases with seasonal blooms. Whether it’s a minimalist vase showcasing vibrant fall hues or an antique piece with delicate arrangements, flowers can transform any space into a welcoming haven.



Distinctive Spaces with Unique Stories

Interior Designer Maddie Lord’s vision of ‘Deco-meets-Modernism‘ for Orli is nothing short of a masterpiece. This fall, seek inspiration from her approach to designing spaces that tell their own stories. Dive deep into textures, patterns, and art to personalize each corner of your home. Be it the lounge, bedroom, or even a reading nook – let every space exude its unique style and character.



Fall presents an opportunity to refresh, revitalize, and rethink spaces. Embrace the season with a design ethos that resonates with the impeccable sophistication of Orli and create a space that’s not just a visual treat but also an emotional retreat.


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