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Your Musical Escape: 13 Rooms. 13 Themed Playlists.

Each of Orli’s 13 guest rooms and suites offers its own individualistic character, with distinct design details and artifacts for every kind of traveler. Not sure which room would best suit you? Grab your headphones and take a listen to our room-themed playlists. Let the rhythm be your guide.


First, picture yourself within The Wing, the epitome of refined spaciousness, where you’ll find a record player, desk, and comfortable seating area. Tune in to the likes of Sylvan Esso and James Blake.



For those seeking a more lighthearted experience, The Bunk Room awaits, offering a playful fusion of nostalgia and high design. Delight in groovy tunes while relaxing amongst your bunk beds and kitchenette.



If you’re drawn to the embrace of tranquility, allow The Hideaway to whisk you away to a serene retreat, offering a secluded haven for your senses with “Where You Belong” on repeat.



Experience the intimate charm of The Nook, where brilliant artists, from Khruangbin to Oracle Sisters and Major Lazer, perfectly complement a curated collection of literature.



For an undeniably oceanside escape, The Bluff is a perfect fit. Bask in breathtaking ocean views while mellowing out to beachy tunes.



Love jet-setting with friends? The Nomad is a space where camaraderie thrives. Enjoy board games, a polaroid camera, and this multilingual, socially-spirited soundtrack.



As day turns to dusk, surrender to the allure of The Sunset Suite, a luxurious two-bedroom haven where ocean-inspired melodies merge seamlessly with the rhythm of the waves visible from your private balcony.



For a more introspective experience, The Nest playlist offers a meditative set with FKJ, Poolside, and more that echoes the tranquility of the lush courtyard just beyond your window.



Work and leisure converge harmoniously in The Den, where productivity finds a perfect partner in a playlist that uplift your endeavors.



Unwind in the laid back setting of The Cafe, where a luxe coffee machine makes a smooth pourover to complement smooth melodies.



With a touch of old-world charm, The Study invites you to delve into creativity; compose, plan, and dream with a symphonic accompaniment to your musings.



The Conservatory bathes you in the glow of natural light, coupling its bright, plant-filled aesthetic with elegant game boards and a playlist to match.



Finally, for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, there is the Irving Gill Penthouse. Spread across two stories, this exceptional space exudes the chic feel of a Parisian residence, and this carefully selected playlist adds an extra layer of sophistication to your stay.



Choose a room to suit your personal rhythm and embark on your very own Orli experience — a harmonious symphony of comfort, style, and peak memories.

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